Final Story Pitch

First story pitch:

I’d like to investigate the Study Abroad office and why so many people have issues with them. Last semester, Skip, head of UK study abroad, left in the middle of the semester, leaving many students overseas with no person from Ole Miss to contact, all the while dealing with UK professor strikes. When students came back, the university never addressed this issue and there was no compensation. I’ve also been told experiences of student’s passports being out of date, the study abroad office not checking, and not being able to go on their trip after paying the university the money for it. This is just some of the many horror stories I’ve heard from students about Ole Miss Study Abroad. Ideally I would like to interview some of the counselors to see what they have in place when these things happen, and why they happen in the first place. I would also compare this to what another university has in place to make their study abroad experiences better.

Second story pitch:

I think my transgender story could grow more. I now have more contacts and a better direction for that story. I would like to speak to more professors in the gender studies program, as well as Blake Summers doing Code Pink,  and someone who identifies as transgender in Oxford. The New York Times article about the Trump’s administration threatening the transgender community also came out after my piece, along with the new hashtag #WontBeErased. I would go more in depth for what these means to local citizens and why the transgender community is important in small towns. These new directions could be built on and I think are important for the community to address.


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